Sen. Steve Bieda
Sen. Tupac A. Hunter
Sen. Morris W. Hood III
Sen. Vincent Gregory
Sen. Virgil K. Smith
Sen. Jim Ananich
Sen. Rebekah Warren
Sen. Glenn S. Anderson
Sen. Bert Johnson
Sen. Coleman A. Young II
Sen. Gretchen Whitmer
Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood

Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer

District 23

As a mother of 2 elementary school girls, Senator Gretchen Whitmer is leading the fight to stop government from raiding the state’s School Aid Fund, money intended for K-12 education.

Democratic Floor Leader Tupac A. Hunter

District 5

Senator Tupac Hunter has been recognized for his advocacy for fair lending practices, his support of children’s health care, and his leadership on policies affecting the hearing-impaired and the disabled.

Senator Jim Ananich

District 27

As a former teacher, Senator Jim Ananich is dedicated to protecting our public schools and making a college education more affordable for all students, as well as upholding the hard-earned paychecks, benefits and retirement income of Michigan’s middle class families.

Senator Glenn S. Anderson

District 6

Throughout his tenure in public service, Senator Glenn Anderson has been committed to fiscally responsible government, insuring the continuation of vital services while maintaining a balanced budget.

Senator Steve Bieda

District 9

Senator Steve Bieda’s record reflects the consistent pursuit of better government, a cleaner environment and a stronger economy for the state of Michigan.

Senator Vincent Gregory

District 14

Senator Vincent Gregory is working to ensure Michigan gives everyone a chance to succeed by creating better schools, fairer taxes,and a better job market.

Senator Morris W. Hood III

District 3

Senator Morris Hood III is leading efforts to create a business climate that provides for jobs and economic investment in his home community, as well as across Michigan.

Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood

District 8

In addition to his legislative work, Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood has been engaged in several volunteer efforts in his district including child literacy programs and holiday meal deliveries.

Senator Bert Johnson

District 2

Senator Bert Johnson of Detroit is focusing on the issues that matter most: creating jobs today, making state government more efficient and effective, and supporting Michigan’s working families.

Senator Virgil K. Smith

District 4

Senator Virgil Smith is working to revitalize his hometown of Detroit by creating a business climate that allows for new economic investments and growing job markets.

Senator Rebekah Warren

District 18

Senator Rebekah Warren is fighting to preserve our precious natural resources, expand access to health care coverage, invest in our children’s education, and strengthen our economy.

Senator Coleman A. Young II

District 1

Senator Coleman Young II is fighting for small businesses in Detroit and throughout Michigan by creating a system that rewards investments in our communities.